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Learn About the Importance of Routine Brake Maintenance at Our Cleveland Volvo Dealership

If you're a Volvo vehicle owner or even a driver, then you likely realize just how durable, tough, and well made these vehicles are. That said, to keep your vehicle and its brakes in the best possible condition, it takes the attention of highly skilled and trained mechanics. Thankfully, here at our Volvo dealership we employ just such technicians, and they have plenty of experience with vehicles of all kinds that include the Volvo XC40, XC60, XC90, and S60. With a click or a phone call, you can quickly and easily schedule service for all of your brake system components. No matter if you're visiting from Pepper Pike or Cleveland Heights, we would be proud to assist you! Here at Leikin Volvo Cars Cleveland, we have great interest in making sure that your vehicle is in tip top condition. Your brakes come under this purview, and our highly skilled technicians can give each component the attention that it deserves.

Common Volvo Brake Pad Types 

Sintered: Sintered brake pads are usually formed from various types of metals which can include copper. The materials are tightly bound in various ways, and they produce pads that wear slowly, resist heat, and get the job done.

Ceramic: Ceramic pads are another popular style of pad, they can be found on many vehicles that include the XC60. Ceramic pads may also have metal binders within their structures to provide heat resistance. Because of their high resistance to heat and ablation, Ceramic pads make good choices for general use.

Hybrid: Hybrid pads are made from several substances combined together. These pads are often made for special applications such as heavy duty trucks or for high-performance racing vehicles.Our certified Volvo dealership technicians can give your pads regular maintenance checks to ensure that they meet thickness and structural standards.

Volvo Brake Rotor Checks

The rotors are another vital part of the overall brake system. These circular parts are attached to the wheels, and they use brake pad pressure to slow vehicles down. Rotors for Volvo vehicles come in many shapes and sizes as well as material compositions. Many such rotors are made from tough metals that resist heat and deterioration. At that same time, the higher end models include special vents that allow the rotors to get rid of heat yet faster.

While rotors are certainly tough, they can sustain damage in a number of ways. These include grooves from damaged pads, warping from overheating, and physical damage from potholes. That said, whichever type of damage your rotors may sustain, your Volvo dealership technicians can save the day.

Volvo Brake Fluid Checks

The brake fluid is an integral part of the system. Brake fluids are tough materials that must stand up to intense heat and pressure. They come in several varieties, and modern cars such as the XC60 use DOT-4 or higher fluids. For best results, you or your mechanic should always check vehicle specifications before replacing brake fluid. 

Similar to oil, brake fluid can begin to lose effectiveness over time, and periodically needs to be replaced every few years. Your technician will regularly check your fluid levels when you bring your Volvo in for service appointments, and recommend if or when it needs to be changed. 

How Often Should You Have Your Brake System Checked?

Volvo vehicles represent many makes and models, and each of these cars may use different types of brake pads and other components. As such, the wear and tear that a given brake system undergoes will vary. That said, Volvo vehicle owners like you would do well to observe a few basic service schedule guidelines. Volvo recommends that most vehicles get detailed inspections at the following intervals:

  • 7,500 Miles
  • 15,000 Miles
  • 22,500 Miles
  • 30,000 Miles

During each of these maintenance visits, certified Volvo technicians can give your brakes timely attention. If any problems exist, they can use genuine Volvo-approved components for any replacements. While it is wise to stick to the recommended time schedules, if you notice any potential issues with your brake system  we recommend you contact our Volvo Service Center to schedule an appointment.


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