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Interested in purchasing a new Volvo Hybrid or Electric Vehicle at Leikin Volvo Cars Cleveland? You may be eligible for up to $7,500 in a federal tax credit.

Hybrid Luxury SUVs, Wagons and Cars near Cleveland

The hunt for the perfect car can seem difficult at first, but before you despair, take a look at our plug-in hybrid inventory at Leikin Volvo Cars Cleveland. These luxury cars and SUVs use cutting-edge hybrid technology to simplify your life and give you all the comfort you deserve.

What's the Difference Between a Hybrid and a Plug-In Hybrid?

Both hybrids and plug-in hybrids offer improved fuel economy and instant torque from their electric motors. The main difference between them, though, is that a hybrid is always running with it's hybrid powertrain, but a plug-in hybrid can switch to an all-electric mode to act like an all-electric vehicle. This allows you to run quick errands without using any gas while still having the long range and flexibility of a hybrid.

Volvo Plug-In Hybrids to Watch

Volvo has plenty of plug-in hybrids across its lineup, and you can quickly tell which models use hybrid or electric drivetrains by the Recharge label they carry. Both luxury sedans have a plug-in hybrid variant with the S60 Recharge and S90 Recharge. You'll be impressed with how much power the T8 drivetrain gives these compact cars and even more impressed with the beauty and refinement they have.

We also have a plug-in hybrid wagon with the Volvo V60 Recharge. This is especially nice for anyone who's looking for a little more cargo space than the sedans offer, but you want the maneuverability that you won't get with an SUV. Plus, it keeps the same powerful T8 that makes the S60 Recharge and S90 Recharge such a joy to drive.

Now we come to our plug-in hybrid SUVs. Both the XC60 and XC90 have Recharge variants, giving these luxury SUVs impressive fuel economy and increased power. You'll be cruising around in style, and you can even get away with not going to a gas station for weeks if you have a short commute.

Enjoy These Luxury Plug-In Hybrids for Yourself

These luxury plug-in hybrid vehicles offer a lot of advantages to Cleveland drivers. Plus, you'll get excellent warranties and be eligible for Federal tax credits when you buy a plug-in hybrid. Take a look through our inventory at Leikin Volvo Cars Cleveland to find something you like and schedule a test drive! We can't wait for you to see what we love about these luxury vehicles.