It's official, The Volvo XC90 is an incredible SUV! The comfortable and stylish automobile was named a best luxury car by the editors at Parents magazine. Owners of the powerful 400 horsepower vehicle are likely not surprised. This seven-seat SUV is Volvo's signature model, and the award validates the hard work that the company put into creating the modular platform model that is behind the vehicle's design. At Leikin Volvo Cars Cleveland, we are very pleased to offer the Volvo XC90.

Safe and Sustainable

This vehicle is a continuation of Volvo's longtime emphasis on safety and sustainability. Volvo was thinking about these criteria long before the majority of the industry, and the Volvo XC90 is a current shining example. The plug-in hybrid model makes it possible to reduce emissions and even eliminate them on short trips; you can run your errands in Willoughby, OH with plenty of cargo space in your car and a clean conscience!

The vehicle's advanced blind spot system checks areas outside of your line of vision to give you plenty of warning about obstacles, and the nine-inch touchscreen puts an array of other safety and navigation features in an easy-to-understand interface at your fingertips. It also accesses the vehicle's music and entertainment features, which help you and your passengers get through long drives.

Room for Everyone

The Volvo XC90 offers either six or seven seats in multiple configurations, so you will have plenty of room for family and friends. Furthermore, there is ample space to move around within the vehicle and a phenomenal 85.7 meters of cargo space. Whether you're driving the soccer team to practice or bringing home hardware and supplies, it has all the room you need.


If you're thinking that safety and sustainability equal an unattractive vehicle, then think again! The Volvo XC90 is built along elegant and efficient Scandinavian design principles where impeccable style and outstanding engineering go hand in hand. In short, this vehicle can handle all the challenges that the roads and weather have to offer, and it also looks good while doing so.

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