Several elements go into proper tire maintenance. Miss any one of them and you're left with tires that wear unevenly, possible punctures and a jittery ride down the highway.

If you've had your tread depth and tire pressure measured and have had your tires balanced, you may be wondering if having an alignment done as well is overkill. Balancing and alignments are vastly different procedures that target different areas of your axel, suspension, and steering systems. Getting an alignment is an essential part of installing a new set of tires.

As you drive over a variety of surfaces, you'll encounter dips, potholes, rocks, and jagged pavement. Each of these can take a small toll as a wheel strikes them, knocking it ever so slightly out of its proper orientation. An alignment brings your wheels back to the appropriate angle in relation to the road, points them straight ahead and centers them in the wheel well itself.

If your vehicle is out of alignment, you'll find your steering wheel veering to the right or left as you point it down the road, rather than pointing straight ahead. You'll also notice a vibration increasing, especially as you hit certain speeds. Your tires will also wear unevenly, leaving you vulnerable to flat tires or blowouts.

Bring your Volvo to Leikin Volvo Cars Cleveland for the best care from wheels to what's under the hood. We can solve your alignment problems if you're experiencing trouble after hitting a pothole or driving down a rough or unpaved road. If you need a new set of tires, we'll perform an alignment to ensure you get the most out of your investment. It's easy to schedule your next appointment for Volvo tire service online so we can complete the maintenance at a convenient time for you.

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