Because driving styles vary so much, it's hard to give exact estimates on how often you'll need brake service completed. Your Volvo driver's manual will provide you with ballpark mileage numbers for brake pad or fluid replacement. It's best to have regular inspections that can customize repairs to reflect your typical driving patterns.

Brake pads are the point of contact between your foot on the brake and your spinning wheels. Everything depends upon them performing correctly for you to come to a smooth, controlled stop. If you notice a squeaking noise as you begin braking, it could be the result of harmless brake dust, or it could indicate the brake pads are thinning and need replacement. Continuing to drive with brake pads that are worn could damage your rotors and cause a safety issue for you and surrounding Cleveland drivers. It's best to have them checked and replaced if necessary.

Other components of your braking system that need maintenance include its hydraulic system. The pressure from your foot on the pedal gets carried along via the brake fluid, giving your brakes the message to slow your wheels. This fluid degrades over time as moisture enters the system, causing rust and losing its effectiveness. Every 25,000 miles or so, it's good to flush the system and replace it with fresh fluid. Your hydraulic lines can also get air in the system, reducing your brakes' ability to function correctly. A process of bleeding that air out of the lines can restore optimal performance and may only need to be done every few years.

At Leikin Volvo Cars Cleveland, we're proud to offer the finest in Volvo brake repair. Our technicians are factory trained and use authentic Volvo parts rather than third party replacements whenever possible, ensuring you get a factory quality repair every time you visit. You can even book your next brake pad replacement or fluid flush right online for added convenience.

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