Volvos are known for their high-quality components and suburb performance, which is why the Volvo company is willing to back all its new models up with a comprehensive factory warranty. If you are considering purchasing a Volvo in Cleveland, it may be worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the Volvo warranty.

Not only can this protect you in the case that you experience a rare issue, but it can help you feel more comfortable with making your new Volvo purchase. We are proud to offer Volvos to our customers at Leikin Volvo Cars Cleveland because we know that all the vehicles are backed by a firm and complete warranty policy.

The new Volvo warranty covers any replacement or repair from our parts and service department that your new Volvo would need in the case of a manufacturing defect. If something were to occur, the defect would be replaced or repaired at no charge to the customer at any authorized Volvo workshop or by a Volvo dealer. The manufacturer warranty goes into effect the first day the retail customer has access to the vehicle they purchased and lasts for two years regardless of mileage. The coverage includes any additional Volvo accessory that is fitted and supplied by an authorized Volvo dealer within one month or 1,500km of miles of the initial purchase date of the new Volvo.

Besides, Volvo offers a unique corrosion warranty that extends over 12 years and guarantees that the bodywork of a newly purchased Volvo will not show any signs of rust corrosion or perforation. This warranty is transferable if the Volvo is sold to a new owner while it is still under the corrosion warranty period.Potential buyers of a new Volvo from our inventory can feel comforted by the extensive promise Volvo offers its customers. This allows you to comfortably purchase a new innovative Volvo without any concerns over its future performance or appearance. If you are ready to purchase a new Volvo in Cleveland, come down to our lot today and test drive your next model today.

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