Volvo Estate Concept


Volvo finally released pictures of the third and final concept. They call it the Estate Concept. Here in the states we call them wagons, but Europe (and perhaps the rest of the world) refers to them as shooting brakes or estates. Whatever you prefer to call it, this is one sleek car! I like the exterior a lot but am not so excited about the interior. White interiors are not only impractical but give a sterile hospital look to most cars. Show me what it looks like in beige or black and I'll be impressed.


I first saw these pictures at where a few readers had positive and negative thoughts about this car. Of them all, this one was my favorite:

It’s a bit shark-like here, a little batmobilesque there, a touch Lego Technic jet fighter all over. I sense that the Volvo boardroom ordered the designers to change what was probably quite a clean original design to make it look more like a current BMW 5 Series Touring, with a little of the current A6 thrown in, in order to achieve that ripped ‘alpha-male’ look that’s such a big hit with managerial execs and drug dealers. Then someone coughed nervously and said: “Hang on … you’re going to alienate the traditional Volvo crowd with a car that looks like that. What Golden Retriever would be persuaded to get into that? What will they say at the Rotary Club meeting? Or the University staff room? So here’s a solution. How about you put lots of wood and tartan inside, and paint the outside brown. No BMWs are brown. That should calm things down a bit. See? It looks more like a 140 already.”

Our sales manager had the opportunity to see the new XC90 in Las Vegas last week. He came back excited about the new look inside and out. He said that many of the design themes you see in the three concept cars are going to be produced in the new SUV. Volvo is not only making some very good design changes, they are also going back to their safety message. But safety alone doesn't sell cars; you need a good looking car to draw people in. If the rest of Volvo's cars look like this, we're going to have a long line of customers in the coming years.


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