If you listen to talk radio, you have probably heard some zany commercials with unbelievable lease prices for economy cars. Just a few days ago, I felt the same way when I heard what Volvo was offering for new Volvo S60 AWD leases. The numbers were so low, I had to check whether they were real or not. We gave one customer a lease quotation that was only $295 per month with all tax and fees included. When's the last time you heard of a Volvo lease that low? And surprisingly, it wasn't a base car. It came with leather seats, moon roof, and heated seats.

If you are looking for a very good lease or purchase right now, please contact us soon. The end of the month specials will only last that long. So, call or email as soon as possible to see what Volvo of Willoughby can do for your next Volvo.

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